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What is energy health?

Health is the state of balance and alignment with your own energies. As an energy being, you are born with a set of energies that are configured according to your DNA to keep your cells and organs balanced, so that you can act out in the world with harmony, peace, happiness, joy. 

Not every moment in our lives, we are experiencing bliss, pleasure, joy but we also have different challenges that we may encounter. Some of the challenges we may encounter have to do with parts of ourselves that we are not aware of, how we act out in the world, how we make decisions, consequences of past actions that were not so good, and even other experiences that we cannot control – such as other people’s choices and experiences in relationships, colleagues and clients. 

Out of my experience both as a CEO, with extensive experience in project management, start-ups and business, but also an intuitive coach, psychic medium and natural doctor, energy medicine practitioner, is that health is the process of getting balance out of different circumstances outside and within ourselves. The circumstances outside yourself are often mirroring something within yourself. And the sources of that which creates the experiences outside yourself may be tangible, close to you, but they may often come from places you may not even think of, in your subconscious mind and even beyond your physical body. 

Understanding energy, developing your intuition, learning about your unique energy system are keys to a balanced and aligned life where you can embrace your full potential.

Confidence and self-esteem

When we want to create value to other people, create businesses, we must develop a level of self-esteem and confidence so that we can embrace responsibility and tasks at hand and also trust our own gut feelings and intuition. The level of confidence and self-esteem that you develop may depend on the level of consciousness that you embody right here and right now. 

The more consciousness you have got about your own life, who you are, your past and your future, your incarnation, your soul, the more you are able to use the tools you have got within yourself and understand them, towards a specific task at hand. 

Embodying and developing higher levels of consciousness come with deeper inner work and can be greatly facilitated by help of someone who has also been on this path to reach for higher levels of confidence and self-esteem; but also carries specific knowledge and wisdom that can be shared with you. 

Disempowerment vs empowerment 

The human society is greatly created under principles of empowerment and disempowerment. From birth, you are taught that you have a name and, depending on which society in the world you are born, you have got an identity number or register of some kind. After this, you learn a lot of rules of how you should behave and be, and what you can and cannot do. 

When you come to a certain level of awakening within yourself of who you are, you may start to remove and release part of these programmings that may have stopped you from embracing yourself. Yet, there may be even others that may control you and hold you down to a lower level of consciousness and awareness of how you can create your reality, how you can co-create with others in a different way and also generate the results for your business, better experiences in your relationships, in your own health and for the society. 

Handling Must’s 

In the human society, we are often born and learn a lot of must’s. To come to a state of full empowerment and freedom, embodying all of who you are and getting to a state of alignment and balance, it is important to review all musts in your life and the agenda that you have set for yourself. As a leader, CEO, executive, project manager, you may also have a busy life and many of the things that you created or agreed with, may create a lot of musts in your life, enslavering you instead of freeing yourself. To leave all these states of musts, it is important that you really look at the underlying energies that created all these patterns. It is not easy just to release the tasks, habits or relationships. Because once you have released something that does not work for you or create a challenge for you, you will soon start to attract or create a new one that has equal value. This negative circle is only cut when you go to the root cause of these energies, patterns, thoughts, situations. To go there, you need to go beyond time, space and sometimes even the physical realm. 

Burnout, PTSD 

Burnout and exhaustion are common outcomes of not knowing how to manage your own energy and not knowing how to take actions aligned with your own energy system. This often happens because of beliefs, thoughts, energies and underlying patterns and other information that may be vibrating and active in your energy system that is not helping you forward but creating misalignments and challenges. 

PTSD (post-traumatic syndrome) can also cause burn out and exhaustion, and often result from conscious or unconscious choices that led to different situations in one’s life, at physical level (illnesses, diseases and accidents), mental and emotional levels (depression, anxiety, stress, relationship break-up, divorce, deep sadness, losing oneself and any other kind of disconnection), spiritual level (disconnection with purpose, feeling down, stuck, not knowing how to move forward) etc. 

Burnout, exhaustion and PTSD can usually be reverted by learning about your soul, your unique energies, the patterns and situations you have been living, understanding lessons and experiences in your life from greater lenses. 


Co-dependence is the act of depending on relationships, partners, marriages, friends, family members and even objects, substances, sex, habits that may get you stuck into negative patterns where you flow energy to specific people, situations or objects, instead of embracing your full power. 

The easiest way to cut this co-dependent scenario, you have to go deeper at soul-level energies so that you can, not only reprogram your own energies but also take ownership of what you have lost, perhaps even beyond this time and space. You may have lived many lives here on this plane and you may even be carrying on different energies within yourself that you are not aware of that may have affected in different ways in your relationships, your ability to make the most of your human life, making money, enabling healthy relationships, feeling safe and intimate with your partner and even with your friends, enabling you to love unconditionally and also increase your level of self-love. 

If you have been on relationships with narcissists, people who have had any kind of bipolar disorders, and other ailments, this may be a hint to deeper challenges and energies within yourself that you need to uncover. 

There are different programs you can find online to treat co-dependence. But here we work together at deeper levels directly, at the level of the soul down to the physical body to uncover the real reasons to why this has been happening and stopping you from fulfilling your full life purpose; and also be able to embrace abundance and love in your life, which is your birthright. 

Relationship conflicts 

Relationship conflicts are often good platforms for you to learn about yourself but also about human life. Not all the relationship conflicts are caused by yourself or by someone else’s projections, but there may be other energies behind the scene that you may not even be aware of. When you start to develop your intuition, your psychic abilities and even getting help from someone who holds a consciousness that can see and help you understand the situation as a whole, and even help you heal, then you master relationships conflicts and release the cause – instead of treating the symptoms. Most of the tools that exist out there in the world, KBT, and other mental training techniques often only act at the level of the mind. They may help you reprogram patterns but not necessarily help you learn the cause and the greater life lessons and your unique energies, as you may learn when you start to access your own soul wisdom from higher perspectives. This may also help you with your business and enabling you to improve your relationships and cultivate deeper and long-lasting ones. 

Leadership conflicts 

When you are a CEO, a leader of some kind, an executive or project manager, you may have increased responsibility towards colleagues, personnel, mates and even your community or family members. If you have problems at home with your kids or your wife, partner or husband, this may be a very clear sign that you may also have challenges with your leadership at work and in your life in general. 

A lot of people divide personal life and professional life, but we are only one and the same human being or soul incarnated in a human body. When you divide yourself, you may want to try to hold a wall in between that separates so that people in your workplace do not get to know your personal problems or even that your personal problems do not affect your work. The same may be true the other way around. But the truth is that energy cannot be hidden. As an intuitive, I usually connect with people’s energies remotely and I see patterns and information when they ask for help and, I realize that there is no secret indeed. So the only way to be free from all the things that affect you so that you don’t need to hold a wall around you is to solve it. When you go to the root of the conflicts, whether in your workplace or at home, you will learn a great deal about yourself but also about how to support others better; and how to become a more conscious leader. 

Healing wounds and relationship challenges 

A lot of human wounds and health issues come from unconscious patterns and energies that you may not even be aware of. The same is true with relationship challenges. There are people living on this planet with karmic patterns and negative ties on and on during many centuries. They are born in the same families and they still have the same painful memories with each other to learn forgiveness and move on. But the only way to move on from wounds is to go to the root cause and be able to understand the lessons. While this work can be done by yourself, having help from an intuitive and health professional from here, can help you boost and quicken your own expansion and healing – to help you see things that you perhaps do not know and heal aspects that may stop you from finding freedom, empowerment and unconditional love. 

The Body

Food, sleep, exercises are all important but there are no specific rules to how much and how little you may do or take those, and e.g. which kind of exercise or food you may need. You can take allergy tests, try different models and studies, modalities and even diets but what really will work best will be you developing your own intuition and self-learning so that you can get empowered and understand how your own body works and what you can do. Developing your own body intuition is a challenge especially for most adults that learned to cope with specific ways of eating, exercising, and living routines that are sometimes not optimal for one’s health. Learning to understand your body signals are pathways to freedom, health, alignment and empowerment. 

Your body is also greatly influenced by all energies around you and even energies beyond time and space. There may also be energies influencing your life from your childhood but even from other life times encoded in your system. All thoughts, emotions, feelings, subconscious patterns and even ideas may also influence your physical body. There are many other sources of influence that may be controlling you and taking you to create unhealthy habits and routines. The best way to uncover these is to get an energy check up. 

The importance of a conscious intuitive leadership

As a CEO, project manager, executive, coach, you may encounter yourself in situations where you are implementing dreams that create realities for other people, and may affect a lot of other people’s lives. You may take decisions that may affect their future, the society you live in, the infrastructure you surround yourself with and many families in the world, the conflicts and challenges that people in your business, working group or even at home may experience. 

Becoming a leader that embraces her soul is an important step to embody more purpose, wholeness, and understanding about your own power, the effect of what you do, also the impact on other people’s lives and in the world. 

Learning to connect with your soul and your intuition deeper is the easiest way to come to this place of empowerment and freedom that will take you into self-fulfillment and reaching for more balance, alignment, harmony and pleasure when you are doing your work. It is then you will find new dimensions within yourself that you haven’t been aware of before. And it is finding new dimensions that you will enable yourself to access information that you need at the right place and time, and implement actions that will lead to better, greater results not only for yourself but also to your co-habitants on this planet. 

About me 

My name is Gabriela, but you can call me Gabi Gal. I am an intuitive coach and medical professional with a background in natural and energy medicine, author, researcher. I have been working with healing arts during over two thousand years on this planet and I have been born again on this planet to communicate information and knowledge to help people take on their self-leadership, start leading with their own souls apart from the bunch of crap that can be learned that creates so many conflicts in the world and separates people from their own source, their greatest potential and their abilities to generate abundance, experience freedom and empowerment. 

When you have come to a leadership role, you have already gone a long journey on this planet gathering a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. But it is not until you start accessing it that you are able to move to a higher level of consciousness and be able to expand even more with eyes open, removing the illusion, the pain, the suffering, the scarcity, anything else that may have been holding you back. 

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Some of my latest books: “Mastering Yourself: an intuitive mentoring handbook” (på svenska: “Bemästra dig själv: en handbok i intuitivt mentorskap“) and “Divine Feminine: taking back your power” available worldwide. You can also check other books and e-courses about intuitive development and guidance in my own platform here.

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It is better to approach problems before they even manifest themselves. They may escalate and be more difficult to approach when they come to the physical level. Physical recoveries may take time and sometimes may also lead to long term consequences, sometimes even life-long ones. But don’t lose hope, because even if you have got physical consequences, there are many ways to treat and to approach them. What is more important is however to go to the root cause and the energies that have created all these situations and patterns in your life so that you can learn and integrate new information. It is by doing that you will gather wisdom and you will be able to change things effectively in your life and even invite miracles. 

Most people are very obsessed nowadays with health when they see clear negative outcomes and their bodies really call for help. It is then they start to realize that there is something wrong. Sometimes people go on ignoring signs that their bodies, minds, emotions and their spirits are telling them. Don’t blame yourself if you have been ignoring signs but act now so that you can keep your health, improve your relationships, your business and above all, the relationship with yourself. This is the first step of leadership. If you can’t lead yourself, you cannot lead anyone else. 

You will get clear perspectives on your problem picture and working areas, and even other information I may catch up about what is behind the challenges. It is normal to have challenges and we are all growing and expanding in our consciousness to increase our self-awareness. Taking a step now may save you a lot of money, challenges with your business, relationships and even other expensive outcomes in your life that you will never get back. Your body-mind-spirit are the most important energy system you have got in your life. Take care of it and give yourself this gift, honoring yourself and investing on things that may help you move forward. 

Medical tests and painful examinations, syndromes and labels may only help you see or name what has perhaps already manifested in your being, but not necessarily help you solve or transform what is within yourself. Usually most of the illnesses, physical challenges, relationship conflicts and even work-related problems come from urges of your soul to be heard, understood, healed, expanded.  

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