Energy Health & Intuitive Leadership

About me

My name is Gabriela, but you can call me Gabi Gal. I am an intuitive coach and medical professional with a background in natural and energy medicine, author, researcher. I have been working with healing arts during over two thousand years on this planet and I have been born again on this planet to communicate information and knowledge to help people take on their self-leadership, start leading with their own souls apart from the bunch of crap that can be learned that creates so many conflicts in the world and separates people from their own source, their greatest potential and their abilities to generate abundance, experience freedom and empowerment. 

When you have come to a leadership role, you have already gone a long journey on this planet gathering a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. But it is not until you start accessing it that you are able to move to a higher level of consciousness and be able to expand even more with eyes open, removing the illusion, the pain, the suffering, the scarcity, anything else that may have been holding you back. 

Book a Health Check-up Consultation 

Here is what we cover in a health check-up consultation:

We check your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy levels, possible challenges and tips on how to go over your current challenges. You can also set a focus for the consultation where we will map out the challenges quicker. We will discuss then possible ways of handling the current challenges, implementing changes, expanding, growing, healing or acting. You can also check over the e-courses and e-books I provide on my personal website www.gabigal.se  If you are interested in proceeding and taking part into the intuitive leadership program online, you are welcome to ask for more information during the call. 

Why should you book a consultation? 

It is better to approach problems before they even manifest themselves. They may escalate and be more difficult to approach when they come to the physical level. Physical recoveries may take time and sometimes may also lead to long term consequences, sometimes even life-long ones. But don’t lose hope, because even if you have got physical consequences, there are many ways to treat and to approach them. What is more important is however to go to the root cause and the energies that have created all these situations and patterns in your life so that you can learn and integrate new information. It is by doing that you will gather wisdom and you will be able to change things effectively in your life and even invite miracles. 

Most people are very obsessed nowadays with health when they see clear negative outcomes and their bodies really call for help. It is then they start to realize that there is something wrong. Sometimes people go on ignoring signs that their bodies, minds, emotions and their spirits are telling them. Don’t blame yourself if you have been ignoring signs but act now so that you can keep your health, improve your relationships, your business and above all, the relationship with yourself. This is the first step of leadership. If you can’t lead yourself, you cannot lead anyone else. 

You will get clear perspectives on your problem picture and working areas, and even other information I may catch up about what is behind the challenges. It is normal to have challenges and we are all growing and expanding in our consciousness to increase our self-awareness. Taking a step now may save you a lot of money, challenges with your business, relationships and even other expensive outcomes in your life that you will never get back. Your body-mind-spirit are the most important energy system you have got in your life. Take care of it and give yourself this gift, honoring yourself and investing on things that may help you move forward. 

Medical tests and painful examinations, syndromes and labels may only help you see or name what has perhaps already manifested in your being, but not necessarily help you solve or transform what is within yourself. Usually most of the illnesses, physical challenges, relationship conflicts and even work-related problems come from urges of your soul to be heard, understood, healed, expanded.  

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